Skin Care

Deep Cleansin Facial Custom Facial and Skin Care Treatments

Authentic Deep Cleansing Facial
This type of facial nourishes your skin through natural skin care ingredients. Soothing steam lifts impurities deep within the pores followed by gentle extractions, facial massage and deep cleansing mask to detoxify your skin for crystal clear skin. Gentle for all skin types. $70.

This type of skin care treatment is used to help eliminate superficial wrinkles, scars, large pores, acne and dark spots. This face treatment also helps stimulate collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion. $90. (package of 6 $450. must be prepaid)

Diamond dermabrasion
This type of facial treatment uses a diamond tip wand to gently polish the skin and remove dead skin cells. The diamond peel does not use micro-crystals and is less likely to irritate the skin if sensitive. $75
Pumpkin Peel

This anti-oxidant exfoliating treatment draws impurities from your skin while enabling vitamins, enzymes and nutrients to be absorbed. A most natural way to get silky smooth skin. $60.


Teen Facial

This type of facial is designed to specifically address breakouts and other adolescent skin care concerns. $60.

Glycolic/Chemical Peels / Microdermabrasion
Results for silky smooth skin. $90. See our “specials” page for package discounts

Fruit Acid Peel

Our fruit acid facial peel uses acids derived from fruit, which stimulate collagen levels. Also, improves skin tone and texture, reduces wrinkles, age spots, and scars. $60.

Men’s Facial

A deep cleansing facial for tough manly skin. This will be customized to your skin type. $70.


Express FacialĀ 

For people on the go. Similar to Deep Cleansing facial without the fluff. Just gets the job done. $55.


Experience Silky Smooth Skin with our Customized Facial Treatments –

Our skin care products refresh and rejuvenate the skin. You will experience cleaner, clearer,and more youthful skin upon the first application. Our products emulate the natural process that takes place in healthy skin, as a result you can be assured of achieving your desired results quickly and naturally. All skin care treatments are specifically tailored to your skin type.

Prices are subject to change or be revoked without prior notice.